Rebalance and Restore


Life is about creating and maintaining balance, and at Bodyscape Therapies, I offer a holistic approach to promote physical and mental well-being to allow you to regain a sense of balance and restoration.

It’s essential to take time out to focus on the body and mind and repair specific areas using a range of effective bodywork treatments.

At Bodyscape Therapies, I offer a variety of treatments, including different types of Massage, Reflexology and Pilates, to give you the opportunity to relax and rebuild.

Also, I offer Baby Massage and Postnatal Yoga-Cise classes which aim to help your baby’s development (including body awareness, flexibility, coordination, early communication skills and social interaction), enhance your bond with your baby and focus on your own well-being.

I aim to create a balance in life that sometimes we find hard to reach on our own.

And hopefully, with a little help from Bodyscape Therapies, you can find that balance.

During a Pilates class, you will practise a variety of exercises to restore, rebalance and bring the body back into alignment. Sessions will stretch and strengthen your muscles and promote good joint mobility, allowing many body and mind benefits.

The therapeutic value of massage extends far beyond relaxation. It works with your body’s own natural movements to aid numerous ailments and disorders and help keep your body in balance.

On the feet and hands different points correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body. Specialised massage techniques applied to these specific points can restore balance in a safe and natural way.

These small and friendly classes have been uniquely designed and offer an opportunity for baby massage or Yoga-Cise for Mum & Baby (including postnatal exercise and Pilates with elements of baby massage and baby yoga).

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