Strengthen your core, mobilise your joints and stabilise your body

Pilates is a holistic, low impact conditioning programme which focuses on the whole body. The emphasis is building core strength, stability and flexibility. It targets the deep postural muscles, restoring, rebalancing, and bringing the body back into alignment. It’s not just about physical fitness, Pilates is an excellent way to support mental well-being and help relieve stress, fatigue and tension in the body.

Not only can Pilates be practised anywhere, but it’s also an effective exercise for those recovering from injury, childbirth or new to exercise. Often recommended by medical specialists, Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels as it can be modified depending on fitness or ability. Whether a gentle strength training programme or a challenging workout, Pilates can help you.

Pilates Health Benefits:

There are so many positives of practising regular Pilates, join my class and find out why!

  • Improved posture
  • Tone and improved muscle strength
  • Greater flexibility, mobility and ease of movement
  • Improved balance
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased well-being
  • Injury rehabilitation

I offer the following Pilates sessions:


Restorative matwork classes are suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, from beginners with intermediate and more challenging options available. The classes aim to stretch muscles and improve balance, strength, flexibility, posture, endurance and tone, together with reducing stress and helping you to relax!

Small equipment is often used in the classes, i.e. weights, flex bands and Pilates stability balls, all designed to give you a more challenging workout while helping you tone up and keep in shape.

These classes have a fun atmosphere, are always different and extremely enjoyable.


Set to upbeat music, my unique blend of Barre and Pilates exercises creates a fun, varied and challenging class for all. 

A low impact, cardio workout inspired by elements of dance and Pilates designed to strengthen and tone your body. 

Grab a chair and some hand weights and get ready to enjoy 25-30 minutes of fun, Barre Sculpt and Tone Pilates.


Fully qualified to support the pre and postnatal stage, these sessions are an ideal way to assist your body during these periods of change.

Pregnancy Pilates is a tailored pregnancy class designed for ‘mums-to-be’ from after your first scan (around 13 weeks). Sessions are designed to keep you strong, mobile and pain-free and to help prepare your body for childbirth and beyond. These classes are a great way to stay connected with your changing body and are open to all levels.

Postnatal Pilates is a first step in postnatal recovery and can begin any time after your 6-8-week check-up with your GP, following a natural birth, and 10-12 weeks post c-section. If you are looking to return to exercise, whether it’s to help adapt to the postural demands of caring for a newborn or to regain your abdominal strength, Pilates can help you through safe, functional and effective exercises. In time, these sessions will help you improve core function, rebuild strength, increase energy levels and help with postural support. All of which I’ve been able to experience first-hand!


We all know that physical activity is beneficial to our well-being. Pilates is the ideal home exercise – it can be practised anywhere with little or no equipment and supports you physically and mentally. It is a great exercise to give you an escape from life at home, as it stretches muscles, focuses on the core and spinal areas and can aid flexibility and reduce stress.

Here’s what you’ll get…

A library of Pilates strength, mobilisation and stretch and flow videos to do at home, ranging from 10-30 minutes in length. The private group is for anyone who would like to gain fitness, strength and confidence for now and the future. The focus is getting and staying fit in a safe, fun, and manageable way. Learn how to improve posture and flexibility, supplement your running training or get back in shape after having kids.


Private 1:1 or Private Group Sessions

Private sessions are ideal if you are looking for a bespoke approach to your fitness programme or if you need the flexibility to work around your schedule. Each session is tailored to suit your ability and to help you work towards your goals.

Private sessions can also be booked prior to joining a group class, ensuring that you understand the key fundamentals of Pilates – alignment, breathing and core stability. This gives you the best possible start to your Pilates journey and helps ensure you achieve the most out of your group class.

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